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Kisin, Our expertise and attitude to let you discover our best tastes of Nature.

(1) 100% imported flours from Kyushu, Japan

(2) For the “dashi’ broth, our seaweeds (kombu) are imported from Hokkaido

(3) Our homemade dashi based on Kombu and dried bonito (KATSUO-BUSHI from Spain), is imported from our best quality food supplier the Tsukiji-WADAKYU house.

(4) We use purified water to enhance our Udon noodles & broth.

(5) We use no industrial processed seasoning and no preservatives for our Udon noodles as well as for other dishes.

(6) The soy sauce used is procured by carefully selecting the raw materials for high quality soy sauce.

(7) We use homemade Udon noodles, so we will start boiling after receiving your order. It may take some time to provide it.